Read and Learn Moral Stories - 4 levels -
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Read and Learn Moral Stories - 4 levels

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    These early reader books are particularly targeted at young children who are beginning to read on their own, and to establish a love for reading, while teaching kids valuable morals. This fantastic collection includes 24 books in total, split into 4 levels, with 6 books in each level.

    Cherry: The Confident Cat

    Cherry was a very tiny and timid Cat. She lived on Farmer Hay’s Farm. She was afraid of the huge Cow, the buffalo, darkness and the night… Cherry was even scared of mice. One day Grandma Cat paid her a visit, he wanted to help Cherry. Join Grandma and other farm animals as grandma tries to help Cherry the cat gain her confidence.

    Loving Lion

    Leo was very large Lion. Everyone was afraid of him. Leo was not gentle and loving, he was happy when animals ran away, none of the animals were his friends. But is it good not to have friends?… Join in the animal kingdom and find out how Leo became the Loving Lion.

    Gina The Goat: Learns Good Manners

    Gina was a baby goat. She lived with her parents and grandparents and they loved her. But Gina never said please or thank you when anyone complemented or gave her anything. Her friend Shelley was very well mannered, she helped Gina's mom lay the table and she always said please and thank you. Gina got jealous of Shelley…….and soon, she learned how to be good mannered so that she can show everyone that she could be a good child too.

    Teddy the Tiger Learns Tidiness

    Meet Teddy, The untidy tiger. One day, Teddy's mom said they were going to the zoo… Teddy started searching for his shoes, but he couldn’t find them anywhere in his room. It wasn't in his cupboard or behind the curtain. He finally found one shoe and put it on quickly then he began to search for the other shoe, but he couldn't find it. Sadly, He couldn’t go to the zoo wearing slippers. Join Teddy in his shoe search and find out how he became Teddy the Tidy Tiger.

    Henry the Horse: Learns to Help

    Henry the horse lived on the farm, he did not do any work, nor did he help anyone. One day Henry was very sick, and all his friends came to help him, they did everything to try and make him feel better. Henry recovered. Henry apologised to his friends and he started helping them whenever he could, and Henry became a Helpful Horse

    Sharing Seal

    Shelley the Seal lived in Antarctica and it was very cold there. Everyone was always kind and shared with Shelley, but she never liked sharing with them. One day, all the animals decided to go for a picnic. They all shared their food, But Shelley, Oh! Shelly, she refused to share her yummy chocolate cake grandma had given her. Read and enjoy Shelley’s story as she becomes a sharing Seal.

    Sammy Snail Leans to Safe

    Sammy snail lived in the lush green grass of a garden. One day his parents went to the market and instructed him not to answer the phone, But Sammy snail did not listen, the phone rang, he answered, and it was a monster, Woffy Wolf. What is he going to do now? … Join in this adventure as Sammy Snail learns to be safe.

    Robby Rabbit Learns to be Responsible

    Robby Rabbit lived with his father, mother and little brothers. Robby was the most irresponsible amongst mama Rabbits children. One day, His mother wanted to teach them the importance of being responsible, so she gave them all a job to do. Robby did not complete his job because he thought it was not important. His mother was very sad that he was being so irresponsible she started to cry…Join in the fun as Robby decides to make it up to his mother and be responsible and help his mother with her chores.

    Dappy Dog Learns to be Honest

    Meet Dappy and Dora. They live with Ted. Ted loves them very much. He gives them each a bone to chew on and a bowl of milk to lap on. Dappy was never satisfied. One day he decided to steal Dora's juicy bone and lap on half of Dora’s milk…He became more dishonest until he started stealing from Uncle Bones Shop. Will Dappy get away with it? Join Dappy and Dora as they learn that honesty is the best policy.

    Ronny Rat Learns to be Respectful

    Ronny Rat lived in a hole with his parents. One day his parents were headed to the city and grandpa had to come stay with Ronny. Join Ronny and Grandpa in this storybook as Grandpa teaches Ronny Rat to be respectful.

    Freda Fox Learns to be Friendly

    It was Freda Fox's first day at the new school, she was quite scared. Freda wore very thick glasses and all the children made fun of her. Freda did not have any friends. Will she ever make friends?... Join Freda in her adventures on this new school as she learns to be friendly and makes new friends…

    Grenda Giraffe Learns to Love Plants

    Grenda Giraffe lived in a fancy flat in the city. One day she decided to visit her granny who lives in the country. Grenda loved everything about living in the city, she loved the big malls, busy coffee shops and eating at her favourite restaurant. Will she enjoy the country as she enjoys being in the city? Join Grenda on her journey to visit grandma in the countryside.

    Happy Hare: Learns Healthy Eating Habits

    Meet Happy, the unhealthy Hare. He loved junk food. Happy never loved eating carrots and vegetables, he ate cake and ice cream the most... Join Happy Hare as he learns Healthy eating Habits

    Lionel Lion Learns to Listen

    Meet Lionel. Lionel lived on Lion Land.He was a good little cub, but his only problem was that he did not listen. He never listened to his parents when they told him to do his homework and to pay attention. He did not listen to his teacher or his friends’ ideas nor played their games. Everybody was upset with Lionel…Read along with friends and learn with Lionel Lion the importance of Listening.

    Peppy Parrot: Learns to Persist

    Peppy the parrot lived in a big house. He had a green body and a red beak. Everyone loved Peppy, but he was very sad because he could not talk. Nina tried so hard to teach Peppy, but will Peppy succeed? Join in the fun in this moral story as Peppy learns to Persist.

    Willy Walrus Learns to Save Water

    Join Willy Walrus in this moral storybook as he learns to save water.

    Dappy Donkey Learns to be Diligent

    Meet Dappy, the lazy Donkey. Dappy lived at the farm with his five brothers, Happy, Flappy, Gappy, Tappy and Nappy. Join in the farm story and enjoy learning with Dappy and other farm animals the importance of Diligence

    Leon Leopard Learns Not to Litter

    Leon Leopard lived in a very clean neighborhood with his family. Leon was very untidy, he always got into trouble for littering. First His mom shouted at him for not cleaning the yard, then their neighbor Mr. Elephant complained about him to Dad, his teacher punished him for littering the classroom. But will Leon learn his lesson? Join in the fun story and discover how Leon learns not to litter.

    Olly Octopus Learns Obedience

    Olly was a baby octopus. He was very lovable and cute. But he was also disobedient! He never listened to parents when they told him not to swim far off into the sea, but Olly did not listen until one day he got into trouble… Dive into this sea adventure and join Olly the Octopus and learn the importance of Obedience.

    Wendy Wolf Learns Sibling Love

    Wendy was very excited as she was going to get a brand-new brother or sister. She watched her mother as she got the nursery ready for the new arrival. Wendy was eager to see the new baby. But will Wendy’s joy to meet the new baby last long? Read along with friends and join Wendy and learn about Sibling Love.

    Perky Porcupine Learns Punctuality

    Leo the Lion is hosting a party, everyone is invited. Peppy Porcupine is ready, he has brushed his spines, tied his bow and buttoned his shirt. He is looking good. Off he goes to pick up his friend Perky, Alas, Perky is not ready yet. Will they make it in time for the party? Read along with friends and find out what happens as Perky Porcupine Learns Punctuality.

    Crabby Crabb Leans Courtesy

    Crabby Crab lived on the beach in a beautiful house. All the animals admired his house but Crabby never invited them in. Crabby was rude and unkind, soon no one wanted to be friends with him. Crabby is feeling left out, what he is going to do?.. Join Crabby and other animals and learn with Crabby Crab to be Courteous.

    Chester Learns to Cooperate

    There is a drawing competition at Chimpanzee School in Class Four. Chester is the best Artist in the class. He does not like sharing and he does not want to be in a group with other children. He wants to make his own drawing. But will Chester be happy? Will he succeed? Join in the story and find out what happens to Chester as he learns to cooperate.

    Holly Hippo Learns Humility

    There is a dance party tonight, and all Forest animals are invited. Holly Hippo lives in the forest too. He is a good dancer and runs a dancing school, and he is invited for the dance competition too. Holly is vain about his dancing expertise. But will his expertise be good enough? Will he win the trophy? Join other jungle animals and learn with Holly Hippo the importance of Humility.

    Level 1:
  1. Henry the horse learns to help
  2. Gina the goat learns good manners
  3. Teddy the tiger learns tidiness
  4. Loving lion
  5. Cherry the confident cat
  6. Sharing seal
  • Level 2:

  1. Sammy snail learns to be safe
  2. Robby rabbit learns to be responsible 
  3. Dappy dog learns to be honest
  4. Ronny rat learns to be respectful 
  5. Brenda giraffe learns to love plants
  6. Freda fox learns to be friendly
  • Level 3:

  1. Happy here learns healthy eating habits
  2. Peppy parrot learns persist 
  3. Lionel lion learns to listen 
  4. Leon leopard learns not to litter
  5. Willy walrus learns to save water
  6. Dappy donkey learns to be diligent. 
  • Level 4:
  1. Crabby crab learns courtesy 
  2. Chester learns to cooperate 
  3. Holly hippo learns humility
  4. Perky porcupine learns punctuality 
  5. Wanda wolf learns sibling love
  6. Olly octopus learns obedience 

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