Practical Life activity cutting / baking tool -
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Practical Life activity cutting / baking tool

Your children will love preparing “fancy” crinkle-cut carrots, cucumbers, or other small vegetables for snack (or soup!) with this handy tool.

This classic chopper allows care givers  to model the correct placement of hands for using a real knife — hold the handle with one hand and push down on the top of the blade with the other, keeping fingers safely away from the blade. 

1. Vegetable Chopper with handle *

2. Wavy Chopper - Crinkle-cut knife - Color of handle will vary depending on stock                                                                  availability 

3. small whisk - 15 cm length

Practical Life is a cornerstone for Montessori at home.

The direct aim is actually not completing the task itself, but to develop





which prepares the child for other areas in the classroom, as well as providing a ground for normalization.

The cooking set as pictured was introduced to B when she was 20 months. Since her fine motors were quite ready, she caught on to use the tools quite quickly. And we proceeded to real knife at 2 years old.

Please follow your child as to when your child will be ready to use these choppers.

Do note that the edges of the choppers are sharp





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