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Popular Playthings - Brain Teaser - Say Cheese

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Dinner is over and everyones gone,now all the mice will party till dawn. To record the event won't you help them please? They must all face up and then say cheese!!. There are 50 challenges to solve arranged mild (easy) to extra sharp (hard). Just roll the cheese blocks within the grid untill all the mice heads are facing up. But if your brain starts to feel like a cheese fondu don't panic! All our solutions are in the back of the book!. Roll the cheese blocks within the grid until all the mice heads are facing up.

Pick a challenge and set up the cheese pieces on the 9 x 9 "cheese tray" with the mice TAILS UP (because of course they're all burried face first eating cheese). Your task: "Roll" the 6-sided cheese blocks (side over side like you would a die) until all the mice ate HEADS UP and smiling. Not surprisingly, this fun-looking puzzle was a tester famourite. It's cute - ad fun to do. Fifty challenges move from "Mild" (easy to "Extra Sharp" (hard).


  • Cheese block with.


  • Size in cm: 23.1 x 21.5 x 5.2.
  • Size in inches: 9.2 x 8.55 x 2.15.

Weight (g): 530g


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