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Objects for Learning Letter Sounds /Names @ $ 1.50 each

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Concrete objects to learn Letter Names/ Sounds of the Letters


Objects for Sound Boxes to learn the letter names /sounds

These objects are a great way to help the child learn the sounds of the

letters in a concrete way.

All are miniature objects which can be stored in a box or container .

If you are teaching the sound of /b/

use these concrete objects instead of pictures.

Objects available-


Letter A:  axe / 


Letter B:  Bird / Bicycle / bat 


Letter C : cap /cauliflower / Caribou / Corgi


Letter D

dimsum /drill / doughnut / dumpling


Letter E: Eskimo


Letter F: Ferret / Arctic Fox 


Letter G: grapes / Goldfish


Letter H: ham / hotdog /hammer /Hamster



Letter I


Letter J: Jacket / Jelly bean


Letter K: koala /kangaroo / king


Letter L


Letter M:  Musher 


Letter N: necklace / note pad / Noodle bowl 


Letter O : ox 


Letter P:  pliers /princess / prawn / pineapple /parakeet


Letter Q: -  


Letter R: 


Letter S:  saw / sushi / strawberry /saxophone


Letter T: tub 


Letter U: uncle


Letter V:  vest 


Letter W: wing (chicken wing) /waffle / windmill /                                              Walrus / wizard


Letter X:  fox / o


Letter Y: yak


Letter Z



Please email yr prefered objects after u have placed yr order.



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