Noddy Time Shock - Puzzle set 2 - Twist N Shift -
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Noddy Time Shock - Puzzle set 2 - Twist N Shift


Twist 'n Shift Puzzle Book
Ten Puzzle Cards
Twist,n Shift puzzle pieces
Time Shock timer

Item Spec. : Twist'n Shift Puzzle Book, Ten Puzzle Cards, Twist'n Shift Puzzle Pieces, Time Shock Timer

A game of concentration and mathematical reasoning!
Time Shock is specifically designed in three different parts, that is, logical thinking, mathematical reasoning and artistic imagination.
Playing this amusing and exciting Time Shock games, parents can quickly and easily to find out the aptitude of children and know their ability and disability.
Thus, parents can help children to enhance and polish their ability and lend a hand to avoid their disadvantages by doing more exercises in the area that they are lacking.
Because every child is unique, Time Shock is indeed a good accessory implement to assess children

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