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Montessori Short Bead Bars & Squares Material

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The Bead Bars  provides a concrete representation of abstract mathematical concepts. While children at this age are not able to verbalize these concepts, they can represent them. Through the use of short and long bead chains, number squares and cubes, and numeral arrows, the Bead Chain concretely demonstrates:
  • skip counting -- 3,6,9
  • multiples
  • squared numbers: six 6s = 36

This concrete learning paves the way for future learning in the lower elementary Montessori classroom. It is here that the child recognizes and has that wonderful “Ah ha!” moment where he says, “I worked with this before and now I understand it.” Using the Bead Chain Material, the child builds upon previous knowledge and begins to explore multiples and rules of divisibility, as well as the powers of numbers.

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