Montessori Basic Grammar Kit 1 & 2 (Phonetic Farm Kit ) -

Montessori Basic Grammar Kit 1 & 2 (Phonetic Farm Kit )

This is a great Kit to start the child on the'Rules of Grammar' and read simple words and make sentences.

Consists of Phonetic FArm Box with and Grammar Kit ( 2 boxes)

Grammar Kit 1
Introduction to Grammar and sentences.

Grammar Kit 2
Rules for Grammar
Grammar Kit 1:-
Singular and plural objects, Farm objects, Classroom noun, Farm noun, verb (1), verb(2) adjective (article) adjective.

Grammar Kit 2:-
Masculine & Feminine rules
Box 1 - Rule: Use of an entirely different word.
Box 2 - Rule: Use of a compound word.
Box 3 - Rule: By addition of a suffix.

Singular & Plural rules
Box 1 - 9 Rules

If u are interested in learning how to use the Grammar Kits -

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