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Mighty Mind - Puzzle Math

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Since 1979, Puzzle Math has enabled children to understand what numbers really are and how they can be combined and manipulated to form desired combinations. 

This unique first number game uses colorful puzzles to self-correct each child’s calculations. 

A missed calculation is instantly shown because the puzzles will immediately reflect the mistake.


Kids have a natural curiosity and they love to succeed at whatever they do.  Learning math can be an adventurous experience.  However, if it is rushed and pressured, it can become a memorable defeating event. Puzzle Math eases a child into the concept of how things go together to form new things.

Puzzle Math makes the reality of numbers come alive through active play.  Special descriptive dice show the number symbols and the number groups.  Children see at once, the number, the group of items that number represents, and the word equivalent, as they choose the required puzzle card. 

 Who knew learning math could be so much fun?

| Ages 4-8

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