Magnetic Mighty Mind Tiles - Zoo Adventure -
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Magnetic Mighty Mind Tiles - Zoo Adventure

Magnetic ZOO Adventure. Magnetic MightyMind Zoo Adventure is an ideal travel companion for keeping kids creatively busy on long trips.

This dramatic and colourful play-alone activity provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children to think for themselves. Kids get totally absorbed as they follow the carefully programmed series of puzzles that build the skills every child needs.

MightyMind Zoo Adventure provides the essential elements for developing independence and self-expression by encouraging children to accomplish tasks which are rewarding and build self-confidence.

This wonderful game builds thinking skills, starting out easy and progressing to harder puzzles so younger kids can develop skills as they go to solve increasingly challenging puzzles.

The basic MightyMind game contains a tray with 32 colourful plastic design tiles and 30 sturdy puzzle boards. The puzzles are numbered so you can easily spot their correct order. While the first puzzles consist of spaces to match single shapes to, the puzzles reach a point where they have just an outline, requiring children to experiment with different pieces until they find the correct combination in order to solve the puzzle.

Children can work their way through the puzzles without help, all the while building puzzle-working skill and interest. MightyMind has received several awards, among them the Parents Choice Honor award.

A magnetic version of MightyMind is also available, which includes magnetic shapes and is packaged in a tin.

Great for the road!

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