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Learning Age - Potential Development Series- Block Builder


Building Up the Skills and Knowledge with Block Builder

Play and educational development in early childhood always go together. The major challenge is to facilitate children’s development using the toys and games without truly interfering with their play. This being accomplished, the potential benefits for the child’s development are numerous.

How to manage that? Check out Block Builder. It comes with a package box containing 14 three-dimensional wooden blocks, and an accompanying guide book.

How the child can get the most of this game set? The basic idea is to have the child build a composite structure out of the assorted wooden blocks. The child is expected to build the 3D structure following the 2D diagrams from the guidebook. The diagrams are grouped together on the basis of their difficulty for the child. There are 3 levels of complexity- basic, intermediate, and advanced. The more complex structures the child makes, the more developed his or her cognition is.

What are the benefits of Block Builder?

  • Block Builder comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • Spontaneous blocks play fosters sequential dimensionality development through the gradually increased difficulty levels.
  • It helps the child grasp the concept of the structure and its dimensions as well as its location within its physical surroundings and comparable features such as size, position, direction and etc.
  • Block Builder enhances the child’s visualization capacity, deductive reasoning and thinking skills by having the child “translate” 2D diagram into 3D structure.
  • The answer page helps the child observe the possible ways of building a structure thus directly affecting the development of its monitor and self-reflecting skills.
  • It supports play-based and experiential learning which will stay in child’s head even long after it is done with playing.
  • It teaches the child to clean its mess- the specially designed package with 5 designated compartment slots for the blocks encourages and stimulates the child’s to have self-discipline, be tidy and responsible. The child is encouraged to put the blocks back to their designated slots in the compartment box after finishing playing with it.
  • It provides the fundamental knowledge of 2D and 3D diagrams, a knowledge that may come handy in math, geometry, art, architecture, civil engineering etc.

The careful and thoughtful design of Block Builder will help your child build up its skills, develop more than 5 cognition capacities: visualization, dimensionality, spatiality, imagination and deductive reasoning. 

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