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Learning Age - Fun Shape


Fun Shape is an educational, highly creative and tangram-like puzzle set designed to cater for children’s cognitive capacities and reproduction skills through the process of forming a figure out of magnetic geometrical puzzles.

Keep Your Child’s Cognition and Skills in Fun Shape

The early childhood is a sponge age: a child soaks in everything. Thus, it is recommendable that the child is exposed to the diverse contents and different games and modes of playing in order to form a sound basis for its life outcomes. The child’s continuous interest in one aspect or trait over the other reveals the child’s aspirations and talents. There are games and toys that can help you get an insight into your child’s potential and bias toward a certain field while you are bonding with it.

One such game is Fun Shape. Its learning outcomes focus on practicing reproduction, identifying shapes and colors, exploring creativity and imagination, and boosting mathematical, problem solving and logical skills. The set consists of a common board, 76 pieces of magnetic geometrically shaped puzzles, 3 sets of 6 double-sided cards with printed outline and an accompanying guidebook. The puzzles consist of 4 differently colored sets of magnetic geometric shapes that can stick to the common board.

Fun Shape has three different stages of difficulties: basic (1 star), intermediate (2 stars) and advance stage (3 stars) for the guidebook and the double-sided cards respectively. The child can start playing with the simpler guidebook, and then progress to the double-sided cards.

The child is expected to make a figure by using the geometric puzzles. It starts the game with the basic stage, and by solving the 1 star puzzles, it smoothly progress towards more complex tasks thus enhancing its cognitive capacities and mathematical skills. In addition, if the child is eager, he or she can use his or her own creativity to form its own shapes and color combinations. Through play, the child is exposed to different colors and shapes in order to enhance its color and shape recognition skills, and is shown how 2 different shapes can be combined to form 1, e.g. 2 quarter shapes joined together can form a semi-circle and more.

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