Imaginarium - Wooden Counting Beads - Abacus -
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Imaginarium - Wooden Counting Beads - Abacus


With 100 brightly coloured wooden beads that slide back and forth, this hands-on learning toy helps with counting skills as well as the development of hand-eye coordination. Dimensions: 12 height x 12 width x 2.75 depth inches.

Extend your child's conceptual understanding and skill acquisition in math with these engaging STEM Learning Tips:

  • The abacus is considered an ancient calculator that dates back to 2300 BC
  • Then and now, It is used to teach math skills, such as counting, addition, and subtraction at the early learning level and more complex operations like multiplication and division to older children
  • Use the abacus to develop your child's counting skills
  • Have your child move all the beads to one side of the abacus frame
  • Move 2 beads on the first row to the other side of the frame and have your child count them
  • Continue this process on each row, moving a different number of beads each time and have your child count them
  • Then have your child count how many beads remain on each row
  • The abacus also promotes a child's ability to understand patterns
  • Guide your child to create a pattern of beads on each row
  • For example, a group of 2 beads, a space, one bead, a space, 2 beads, a space, one bead and so on
  • Have your child repeat the pattern of beads on each row and when complete, view the pattern
  • Perhaps your child can then suggest a new pattern to try
  • The Imaginarium Wooden Abacus Features:
  • Traditional bead counting frame with brightly coloured wooden beads

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