Clearance 125 pcs wooden Pattern Blocks - Geometric Shapes -
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Clearance 125 pcs wooden Pattern Blocks - Geometric Shapes

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Brand new product.. but the box is slighty dented at the edges due to transportation. 

please note there's no refund/exchange for the Clearance items. 

Follow any one of the design templates or create your own mosaic using these colorful wooden tiles. Matching and mosaics--what a gorgeous way to develop fine motor skills!  So colorful and full of so many options you can either follow the pictures they give you or think outside the box and make your own art.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Create a linear pattern using the blocks. Ask the child to replicate the pattern. Increase the difficulty by adding more blocks.
  • Ask the child to sort the pattern blocks by color. Ask the child to count the number of pieces of each color. 
  • Ask the child to combine two or more blocks to replicate another shape. For example: two triangles make one rhombus. Stacking the blocks on top of each other may help the child better visualize the equivalency.
  • Ask the child to find seven different ways to replicate the hexagon.

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