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Chatter Patter Book with Reading Pen

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  • Educational book collection
  • Motivate the development of its linguistic and memory capacities
  • Designed for children aged 3 and above

Chatter Patter is an educational book collection designed for children aged 3 and above to motivate the child to learn languages and to stimulate and motivate the development of its linguistic and memory capacities.

Speak Up with Chatter Patter

The research into the critical acquisition period has shown that the children who started learning a language earlier are more successful in it in terms of native-like competency. Thus, if you want your child to speak more languages like it was its mother tongue, the age of 3 is the right age to start.

We offer you Chatter Patter, an interactive and engaging book collection with the aim to help them learn English, Chinese and even the Hokkien dialect.

The collection consists of 9 thematic books, an additional book with famous children songs, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and London Bridge, and an accompanying Reading Pen.

The themes of the books include: school, seasons, teamwork, my hobby, places, at the beach, friends, home, my world, and the additional song book. The content of each book is printed in two languages English and Chinese, and the Hokkien dialect.

How to use these books to get most of them?


The child can read the sentence in English, word for word, using the Reading Pen to help him or her be exposed to the sounds of the language through songs, recorded conversation or simply pronunciation of individual words as well as the onomatopoeic sounds such as dog barking.

The reading pen activates as the child points it to the picture or text. The same sentence is translated in Chinese and Hokkien as well.

Finally, the last few pages of each book give both you and your child an opportunity to revise what they have learned and acquired by using the book.

What are the advantages of Chatter Pattter?

It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.

This book collection helps the child develop interest in different languages by being interactive and engaging.

It fosters building up the child’s understanding of different languages, in this case English, Chinese and even the Hokkien dialect.

Being exposed to more languages increases the child’s memory capacity and fosters the development of the ability to easily memorize various pieces of information.

It also enhances the child’s ability to process and absorb information by keeping it exposed to the combination of different stimuli, i.e. visual and audio cues.

The Reading Pen gives the child an opportunity to listen to the language utterances and thus acquire the correct pronunciation patterns and sounds.

The Reading Pen can even remind your child to play with the books by sending it a recorded message to prompt the child use them.

In addition, there is an option to automatically turn off when not used for a while extends the life span of the Reading Pen battery.

Imagine your child’s innate language capacity as a switchboard. Upon birth, all the switches are on. As the child grows up they turn off. The earlier you start exposing it to different languages, the more switches you will keep on. The more switches on, the more light on its life path.

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