Be Amazing! Toys Simple Circuits Kit -
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Be Amazing! Toys Simple Circuits Kit

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This electric current game helps players understand electricity safely, and develop sequential logic and reasoning skills by allowing them to create real circuits.

When placing individual tokens on the board, players form working circuit paths and light up different colored beacons.

As their knowledge and skills progress, the challenges become more difficult.

 Learn about conductors and currents and how electricity works

  • Create your own basic magnet
  • What is Atomic glow? how does it work? kit for ages 6 and up
  • Includes: mini energy stick; 9 LED lights; plastic bottle with cap; 4 disc (button) batteries;
  • Includes (cont'd) 14 circuit cards; 2 instruction cards; 3 metal clips; 9" roll of copper adhesive tape; plastic cup; instructions

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