Arabic Flashcards- Kad Imbas Doa-doa Harian -
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Arabic Flashcards- Kad Imbas Doa-doa Harian

Total of 32 cards printed on front and back .

"Flash Cards Activate and Develop the Right Brain...

When cards are flashed at high speed they develop your child's instant (photographic) memory — the right brain's memory is activated and it will develop quickly and easily.


The Right Brain and Left Brain will be Connected

When using flash cards, try to flash less than one second per card or as fast as you can and say the words on the back of the cards at the same time.

The images are processed by the right brain and the words you speak are processed by the left brain. As a result, the child will also more easily learn new words through the activation of the left brain in conjunction with the right-brain images.."
Cara Menggunakan Flashcard ini

1. Satu set digunakan untuk gantung di bilik atau berdekatan tempatnya bermain. Tampal 5 huruf sahaja setiap masa. Bila anak sudah kenal, tukar dengan 5 Huruf yang lain.

2. Satu set digunakan untuk aktiviti mengajar dengan flashcard pada anak
3. Satu set standby. Permulaan kita mengajar anak akan berebut flashcard dengan kita menyebabkan ianya cepat rosak, koyak kena gigit dan sebagainya (tempoh bermesra dengan flashcard) .. maka set standby ini adalah memastikan pengajaran tidak berhenti. Bila dah mesra (dah kenal huruf) mereka akan tidak berebut lagi flashcard dengan kita

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