Animal Kingdom Classification - Miniature Models -
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Animal Kingdom Classification - Miniature Models

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Explore and discover the Animal Kingdom with this hands on Classification set. 

Play it together with your friends or alone with these animal models and have fun classifying the 6 different types animals in the Animal Kingdom .

Amphibians, Birds, Fish,Insects, Mammals and Reptiles.

Package contains:

21 Miniature Animal Models.

21 name tags (laminated for durability)

6 Sorting Boards (laminated for durability)

(Comes in a Zip Lock Bag)

Suitable for preschoolers as well as Primary School Children.

For Preschoolers (Non reading Child):

Use the classification Boards and sort the animals on the board.

For Children who are able to read :

1. Using the sorting board arrange the animals under the correct heading e.g. Birds

2. Using the name tags : Read the names of the birds and match to the correct bird.



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