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4M Deluxe Mould and Paint Fridge Magnets Kit

This super-sized set contains everything you need to create at least 30 fridge magnets! Mix the plaster, pour it into the moulds, wait for them to dry and paint them!

Make and paint colourful smiling characters, a bright rainbow, ballet slippers, sweet treats and more! There are 24 unique mould designs to choose from!

You and your BFF’s will enjoy decorating your creations with the included 5 different paint colours and 2 paint brushes.

A perfect activity for parties and sleepovers, or give your beautiful magnet creations to others as special hand-made gifts!

Includes materials to create at least 30 magnets: 3 plastic moulds each featuring 8 designs (24 designs in total), 3 bags of easy-dry powder plaster, 2 paint brushes, 3 paint strips each featuring 5 colours of paint (blue, yellow, white, pink , purple), and detailed instructions.

Each magnet measures approximately 1.75" tall when completed.

Age: 5 and up

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