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3 in 1 Balloon Toy Set

This is a fun and exciting DIY Scientific Toy. The Balloon-Power toy set includes a helicopter, a boat and a car. It is simple and fun to play for children. 
Balloon helicopter - Attach the wings to make a helicopter. Blow up the balloon, attach it onto the helicopter and watch it fly. 

  • Balloon Racer -  Blow up the balloon, attach to the car and watch it race. 
  • Balloon Boat - Blow up the balloon, attach to the boat then release above water.

The little one will be entertained for a long time. A fun filled gift for adventure-seeking kids, the Balloon Toy Set also makes an extremely innovative and educational toy for them. As the air released from the balloon propels the helicopter blades and it starts to fly high, the children get a first hand experience of the Laws of Physics, i.e. Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. Balloon travels high & an audible whistling sound coming from the aerial toy demonstrates Sound Energy. Young students are sure to marvel at the simple balloon powered boat. This classic science toy can also act as a great catalyst for lessons on the properties of air pressure.

An amazing party favour!

Set Includes: 

1 Balloon Helicopter (with 2 natural rubber latex balloons)
1 Balloon Racer (with 2 natural rubber latex balloons)
1 Balloon Boat (with 2 natural rubber latex balloons)


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