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Learning Age - Wise Puzzle - Noddy Fun Book


Wise Puzzle is an educational game set designed to prepare children aged from 2 onwards for kindergarten and schooling through the range of tasks that stimulate brain, cognition and skill development.

Puzzle Out the Problem with Wise Puzzle 

It is recommendable to inculcate the good learning habits in a child’s mind from the earliest age in order to ensure that the child will grow into a knowledgeable, observant and sharp person who has a positive attitude towards learning, and approach problem solving in an effective manner. We know that children like to play, so how about using play in a fun way as an efficient manner of instilling good learning habits? 

It consists of

1. 10 different books

2. 10 color pens

3. 8 Clay

4.  Parent's Guide

5. 2 extra books - Create Design and Create Clay Books

6. Star Stickers

7. 1 Flip Grid with 12 tiles with numbers from 1 to 12.

The books cover 10 categories:

time, shape and color, daily life, weather, ABC, animals, abc, plants, math, and numbers and amount.

Each book contains the 15 puzzles, which are equally divided into the groups of 5 for each of the three levels of difficulty. 

This means that there are 150 puzzles (5 pages x 3 different levels x 10 books) for the child to solve, with a total of 50 puzzles (5 pages x 10 books) for each level of difficulty.

All in all, it provides plenty of opportunities for the child to obtain knowledge and build up the fundamental skills even before it starts attending the educational institutions.

A task outline is spread on two pages, each of which contains the 12-tile table with the same or similar pictures. However, the position of the pictures differs. The child is expected to problem solve by taking the order of the tiles from one page and find their location on the other page. In this way, it develops its observation skill by spotting the difference, then analytical skill by thinking and employing his mind capacities to find the solution and finally it strengthens its problem solving skill by placing the tile in its right position.

The child starts the game by aligning the flip grid on the page. After this, the child places the number tiles in order, from 1 to 12, on the grid on the left page. Not only does the child strengthen its memory but also learns to count from 1 to 12. Once done with this, it takes the number 1 and matches it to the corresponding picture in the grid on the right side. The child repeats this action until all the number tiles are put in the right-side grid. This entire process is repeated for every task. If the child is successful in solving the task, he will be rewarded with the sticker to paste on the 2nd last page. In addition, once the child manages to complete the whole series of puzzles for each book, it will be awarded with an awarding certificate at the last page. 

What is in there for you?

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • Rewarding stickers and certificates positively affect children, enhance their intrinsic motivation, and create an encouraging learning environment.
  • Three different levels of difficulty, 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars, ensure that each task stimulates and train your child’s physical and mental development by challenging the existing abilities and skills.
  • Wise Puzzle fosters the development of critical skills such as observation skill by making the child observe the differences between the pictures on the left and right page, and the analytical and problem solving skills through analyzing and seeking an answer to solve the task.
  • The game increases your child’s problem solving capacity through differentiation of the pictures, and numeracy and literacy skills primarily through the categories of ABC, abc, and number and amount. Having a good observation skill also helps the child not to overlook and make careless mistake when solving a mathematical problem.
  • By playing with the Wise Puzzle, your child will acquire the fundamental knowledge from 10 different fields; it will develop understanding of different shapes and colors, learn to do basic calculation with addition and subtraction, grasp the understanding the time and learn to read analog and digital clocks, and more.
  • It teaches a child how to approach problem solving: first observe, then analyze and finally start solving presented problem.
  • It teaches your child in its early age the practical skills set such as observation, analytical and problem solving skills he or she can use in everyday life. To illustrate, whatever problem we encounter, in order to solve it, we must first observe it and analyze its complexity and then build a strategy to solve it.

Finally, you get more time bonding with your child and learning something new about his or her genius with each task.


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