Grounding Sg Earthing Pure Silver Plush Pad Kit -

Grounding Sg Earthing Pure Silver Plush Pad Kit

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It can be used in beds or on the chair  and also for pets.

This mat has pure silver threads on one side for maximum conductivity and greater Earthing benefits.

BENEFITS - Earthing Plush Pads - So much more than just beauty sleep. Experience the benefits of high quality sleep, increased vitality and reduced pain.

These Earthing Plush Pads provide a general supportive input by welcoming a beneficial flow of free electrons into your body meaning a more restful sleep and increased energy levels.

Earthing also helps to reduce inflammation to help with arthritis, sprains, strains, back pain and more.


This versatile grounding product is so multi-functional that you might satisfy all your grounding needs during this cold season when, unfortunately, you cannot enjoy walking barefoot! It's made using the highest quality conductive silver fabric.


  • It can be used in a chair to sit on
  • Use in bed to sleep on
  • Use this pad under a bedsheet or on top of for direct skin contact. Both methods will work

Package Includes:

Original Earthing SG Pure Silver Grounded Plush Pad
Original Earthing SG Grounded cord 16.5 Foot ( 5 meters)
UK/SG Grounding socket.
SG Socket Tester

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