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Original Grounding Sg Earthing Product Tester Kit


*Immerse Yourself in Earths Energy — No time to hike or visit the beach? Looking for alternative ways to rejuvenate? Discover the benefits of grounding, just like when you take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth outside. The daily habit of grounding for at least 30 minutes brings the earth's electrons into your home, office, or wherever you may be. It's a natural and painless way to restore harmony to your body

*Accurate Grounding Tester — You bought yourself a grounding mat for bed and are excited to lay your hands and feet on it, but you're wondering if it's working or not. We can assure you! The Earth and Moon grounding continuity tester for earthing products is easy to carry and use whenever needed. There are no complicated manuals and settings to stop you from testing your grounding mat kit because you want to see tangible proof that it is really working to support you on your wellness journey

*Easy to Use Continuity Tester — Using a grounding mat tester to test for continuity is effortless. The ground tester comes with 15ft. grounding cord. Please note that two AAA batteries are needed but not included in your purchase. When ready, slide the green switch from off to on; once the green light flashes, it's working. To test cord, plug the button end and the pin into the tester. To test the mat, slide the tester over the mat. When the green light is on, it has continuity

*How It Works — Continuity guarantees a reliable, uninterrupted path for an electrical current to travel from the grounding mat to the Earth. When an individual touches a grounding mat with continuity, any excess static charge they've accumulated can safely disperse through the mat into the Earth, potentially contributing to their overall well-being

*Compatible with Most Grounding Products — This product tester is not only compatible with Earth and Moon grounding mat but also works well in testing the continuity of most grounding products like grounding shoes, grounding sheets, a grounding pillowcase, a grounding blanket, and a grounding pad, to name a few. It is a reliable tester that will give you peace of mind and assurance in your purchase


Package Content:

1 Original Grounding SG Tester

1 Grounding Cord

1 Grounding Safety Plug

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