Montessori Geography - Land & Water Forms - 10 Trays -
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Montessori Geography - Land & Water Forms - 10 Trays

Two sets of stackable Montessori Land and Water form trays.

The sets include the following land forms: system of lakes - archipelago, bay - cape, lake - island, gulf - peninsula, strait - isthmus. The trays are used to visually represent land and water forms by pouring blue coloured water into them, discussing how water surrounds the land mass and naming the various formations.


Size of each tray is 20 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm

 Consists of 10 trays of the following land and water forms:

 1.  system of lakes

2. archipelago

3. bay

4. cape

5. island

6. lake

7. peninsula

8. straits

9. isthmus

10. Gulf




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