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Nutti : Embracing Big Emotions Series : There's a Star in My Pocket Book & There's a Fire in My Head

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Nutti wants to make good decisions. But when temptations and distractions arise, Nutti’s self-control is put to the test. Can Nutti find a way to do the right thing?

Nutti wants to be kind and brighten the lives of people around him. But what does it mean to be kind? Can Nutti practise kindness even when others do not?___________________________________________________________________________________
About The Series
Embracing Big Emotions is a series that promotes the social and emotional well-being of young children. Through their journey with Nutti, readers will learn how to understand and embrace their
emotions, and equip themselves with skills to manage their daily challenges in positive ways.

About The Authors
Our Journey Counselling and Wellness (A Registered Social Enterprise) comprises a team of counsellors and mental health advocates who are dedicated to improving mental and emotional well-being
through meaningful connections. In addition to providing individual counselling for children and adults, they provide a range of consultation services and social-emotional learning programmes for organisations and schools.

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