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Montessori Mathematics Materials Workshop For Parents & Educators 2017

August 24, 2017

Montessori Mathematics Materials Workshop For Parents & Educators 2017

Sharing with you few moments of our successful three days of "Montessori mathematics materials Workshop". The participants had the chance to learn about all the mathematics materials available .. and tried them themselves ..  

Day one! 




Day Two!


Day Three!


 and here is our participants upon receiving their certificates :D


 Some of the feedback:

  • "I attended the Montessori mathematics materials workshop and the Montessori phonics workshop because my daughter attends a Montessori preschool so I was interested to learn the Montessori methods for teaching phonics and Mathematics.
    I have found both courses really useful and would highly recommend them.
    I now know the difference between pink, blue and green schemes and how to use these materials and the mathematics materials .
    It is systematic but it is also fun and kinaesthetic, so it appeals to different learning styles.
    I have really enjoyed these courses and I look forward to teaching my daughter.
    Nafisa is a great trainer. She is enthusiastic and patient and happy to answer any questions you May have. I have looked forward to attending her course each week. ". Caroline
  • "Very useful and insightful course for me . As a teacher myself, I learned how to introduce and teach various mathematical concepts and lessons the montessori way . I really like how each lesson is introduced using the logical way which will help kids understand the concept easily . Thanks so much for this great workshop 👍". Gajaeshini