Montessori Grammar Workshop For Parents & Educators 2017 -

Montessori Grammar Workshop For Parents & Educators 2017

August 06, 2017

Montessori Grammar Workshop For Parents & Educators 2017

Our Montessori Grammar Workshop that was held for 3 days was indeed a joyful educational experience for all of us..

here are some of the nice moments we shared:



some of the feedback:

  • This workshop has indeed open my skeptical view on Montessori teaching methods- not rigid but flexible and open for modifications. very enriching experience. Thank you.
  • Great session, light and fun. Teacher was very clear in demonstration and gave everyone opportunity to try out. will definitely come for advanced grammar. 
  • Great notes and methodology. my suggestion: showcase all the materials to participants.
  • The workshop is helpful as the teacher explains the materials with hands on materials for the teacher. However it's helpful if the trainer provides videos on teaching children and different strategies used.
  • Interesting, clear instructions given, useful and learnt new rules from this workshop.
  • lovely discussion, clear notes and engaging workshop.
  • A good and well explained basic montessori grammar workshop. It gives educators a clear idea on how to start to teach grammar to children.
  • The workshop (Montessori Grammar Basic Introduction) was easy to understand. very hands-on welcoming and structured. Instructor seems experienced, understands the needs and able to explain clearly. Would recommend to others.

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