Educational Materials That Stimulate the Senses -

Educational Materials That Stimulate the Senses

October 20, 2013

Educational Materials That Stimulate the Senses

Educational  Materials That Stimulate the Senses


If there is one thing that a parent wants is that their children turn out smart.

That is definitely possible if parents provide their children with an exciting childhood that makes use of all their sense organs. Hence, the first few years of a child is very crucial in the development of a child’s brain growth and learning as it is during this time that the intelligence is maximized to its full potential.


A child is an active learner who is attracted by the things in the environment. He learns everything without knowing that he is learning it and by doing so he is passing a little at a time from the unconscious to conscious. According to Maria Montessori, the first organs that functions in a child are his sense organs. The period of two to six years covers a rapid physical development and it is during this time that the children are very receptive to learning specific skills and the senses are developed. Involving the child’s senses helps him to learn while promoting intellectual development. Therefore it is necessary to begin the education of the senses during this formative period. At this age the child naturally wishes to use and perfect his senses.

 Thus the educational toys that you buy can have beneficial effects on a child’s learning journey.  

 Children like to explore their surroundings and find out how things work. They like to touch, feel, and manipulate objects. They therefore feed their creative minds through activities. They learn mostly by using their senses and hands. Thus the correct type of toys will enable children to use their hands to explore attributes of their world, refine the use of their senses and develop their ability to explore the different patterns and relationships of the different objects and materials.


Research has proven that toys that make noise, encourage poking or manipulation may benefit young brains for the rest of their lives. Toys like building blocks, jigsaw puzzles musical instruments ,building sets and brain –teasers can help develop their concentration, hand –eye coordination and fine motor skills.

 With the active participation of parents/caregivers/educators and guidance, even simple blocks can be a great educational toy and fill playtime with fun and imagination.

 Nafisa Juzer 


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