Montessori Activities - Imbucare Materials -

Montessori Activities - Imbucare Materials

April 26, 2018

Montessori Activities - Imbucare Materials

We have been using the Montessori for Infants Imbucare materials since S was able to sit . 

1. We started by using the Object Permanence Imbucare Drawer with ball. 

This simple wooden Ball Return Box offers purposeful, repetitive independent activity that will build self-confidence, self-esteem and increase concentration. 
Also helps with hand/eye co-ordination, hand strength, finger dexterity and object permanence. '

Object permanence' is used to describe a child's ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard, and it plays an important role in the theory of cognitive development. 

To Purchase the Object Permanence Box with Tray - Click here 

After a few months of trying with the ball was able to put the ball into the hole by himself.

We than progressed to the Box with Drawer and ball.


To Purchase the Object Permanence with drawer - Click here

We also play Peek a Boo with S as this is also his favourite game for the moment . I love to hear that gurgle of laughter every time, after hiding, I appear.

It is also enjoyable when S hides herself under a piece of cloth and uncover it to laugh.

This game appeals to S so much. Usually when an object is hidden from sight, infants under a certain age often become upset that the item has vanished. This is because they are too young to understand that the object continues to exist even though it cannot be seen.

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget believed that the development of object permanence, or the ability to understand that objects exist even when not seen, is one of an infant’s primary developmental accomplishments. This plays a significant role in the theory of cognitive development. In the sensorimotor stage of development, which lasts from birth to about age two, Piaget  added that children understand the world through their motor abilities such as touch, vision, taste, and movement.

Hence such games and materials such as the Object Permanence Box or the Imbucare materials helps children to understand that objects continue to exist even when they are unseen.

Date : 1st May 2015 

S. is 14 months old and using the Montessori Imbucare Coin Box 


Date: 28th May 2015 

Today I brought the Imbucare Material -Red Disc on Vertical Dowel and showed it to S. He was so excited by just looking at it.

I told him bring the mat and lets sit down on the floor. He understood my instructions and brought out mat and gave it to me.

I laid it on the floor and put the Red Disc Dowel down and showed him how to remove the red disc one by one and then to put it back into the single dowel again.

Although by just looking at the material, it looks too simple as we might think but actually true to the work and materials created by Maria Montessori it is actually an important activity as it helped S to  concentrate and put the red disc back into the dowel.

ny activity where the child uses his hands to put something ONTO something (“infilare”) or INTO something (“imbucare”), it aids in the development of the hand which ultimately aids in the development of the brain and the flourish of neural connections.

There are other stackers available but according to me their objectives are different. Some stackers are just too colourful and some have different sizes of discs.

But for this item the objective is just one to be able to put the red disc back into the dowel. As the video shows once S. has accomplish his task he claps his hands as he is proud of his accomplishment. 


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